About us

About us, how it came about

A house in the south, near the sea, but in quiet surroundings for an acceptable price. This is what many people think of when dreaming of a house in Italy. We also had the idea of a property under the sun and had decided on our favourite region and we also wanted to live here for the rest of our lives. Deciding on The Marches region was not against Tuscany, Umbria or Lake Garda. We had simply fallen in love with the landscape. More about this in the next paragraph. Searching for months, making numerous enquiries to estate agents in Italy and also Germany, viewing property, disappointments, but also positive experiences followed until the purchase of "our" house. Since then a decade has passed. How is such a purchase made? What is life like in Italy? What prices are realistic? These are questions we had from acquaintances who would indeed like to live in Italy or spend their holidays here but are wary of risking the adventure of buying property without previous knowledge. And our Italian acquaintances? They also asked: Don't you know anybody who would like to buy my rustico, apartment or farm? In the course of time I learned a great deal about property, prices, as well as the mentality of the sellers and the wishes of the buyers. Italhouses is there to combine both, the expectations of the clients and what the buyers have in mind.

Our offers

It is in fact quite simple. You tell us what your wishes are and we endeavour to fulfil them. You can find a small selection of properties for sale on this website. It is designed to give you a first impression but of course cannot replace a personal visit. At the same time our offer goes much further than mere purchase of property or consultation. We give you advice, if needed, after the purchase on the choice of civil engineer and supervision of conversion if you are unable to be present the whole time in The Marches and also dealing with the initial formalities, etc. With which we are at the most important point: the position. Most of the houses on offer here are situated in the southern Marches, a landscape which speaks for itself in that the whole of Italy is concentrated here. From the Adriatic to the bordering mountains the visitor is offered a dreamlike landscape of rolling hills with an ancient culture which has not yet been overrun by mass tourism. At the same time the prices are still moderate. There are houses and apartments in every price range and size which are only waiting to be filled with life. With certainty your dream house is among them - it is only a phone call or email away.

This is how you come to your dream house.

1. Search around a little on our web site. Look for a property which would suit you. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone if there are any questions. A lot can be clarified better by phone than by email. Have you found nothing suitable? Even if this is the case we have a (fundus) of over 200 in all price and size ranges. We would be glad to discuss your ideas and wishes with you in order to find the suitable property for you. The aim is that It should comply exactly with your wishes.

2. Make a journey to The Marches. If you wish we can organise an unforgettable stay in the southern Marches. You can view all properties at your leisure, clarify any queries on the spot, discuss renovation wishes with the architect so that it will be your house made to measure.

3. Solicitor, workmen, moving in.

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