The summer in Le Marches

Of course summer is the season when everybody thinks of "sunbeach Italy" but many also of unbearable heat. To put your mind at rest Le Marche are not Africa. There are hot, even very hot days, but they don't last for months and above all further inland are easily bearable.

If you go to the beach, for example, in San Benedetto or Grotammare you will meet mainly Italian holidaymakers. There is by no means lack of space, there are also many "open" beaches where you do not need to pay an admission fee and where you can take your own sunshade and spend pleasant hours by the sea.

The water quality in this part of the Adriatic is outstanding and was awarded with the "bandiera blu" for special water quality. On the journey to your house (casa) you will see on the left and right of the road advertising hoardings like "15 sagra di Cinghiale" and where the event is organised. What is a "sagra"? Simply a festival. In Italy a summer without a "sagra" is unthinkable. as well as a "sagra" without anything to eat. This is the origin of the motto. "Sagra di Cinghiale" is a festival where wild boar is roasted. For a reasonable price you can enjoy an evening here with wild boar,wine and entertainment by the local bands. The proverbial hospitality of the Italians ensures that everybody has a pleasant time.

To all motorists: do not overdo it with the wine. The punishments for traffic offences in Italy are drastic, even for speeding!

If the food at the Sagra is not sufficient it is , of course, necessary to go shopping. Time and again we are asked about the shopping possibilities. Quite simple. Both on the coast, along the Adriatic, as well as further inland there are large shopping centres and supermarkets in smaller places. Daily needs can always be met wherever you are.

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