Before you buy – 2

Have you received and read them? The numerous warnings not to buy a house in Italy. In this Part 2 of " Before purchase" of a house in The Marches I would like to show you the first steps YOU should make so that your dream home will become reality and so silence the sceptics out of envy.

You have certainly thought of the first thing: checking the budget. Then asking oneself for what purpose the Marches house is going to be used for: as a holiday residence, a retirement home in the South or indeed a permanent home in Italy from now on.

The exact legal requirements are to be found in another article. So much for the time being: as a citizen of the EU there is free choice in Italy of where to live. We will see to any necessary formalities for you if you wish.

Your choice of house

Of course Italhouses must be able to offer property in Italy in any locality and price range. This is the only way to find the right house according to your requirements and budget. Apart from price and reason for buying ask yourself the following questions regarding your dream home:

the maximum distance from the sea. The nearer to the sea the higher the price but not necessarily the living conditions ! Precisely the hinterland of The Marches with its numerous hills (from which one again has a view of the sea) offers everything one can expect from life in the South. From here you are within 15 to 20 minutes away from the beach.

Living area. The classical farmhouses of The Marches consisted of a stable below and the living area above. Most are sufficient to allow a general renovation. It is often enough to bring the upper storey up to standard.

Condition of the property. I know from several conversations with clients: a completely restored house would be preferable, with the brickwork flair of the typical Marches country houses. Italy ready to live in, so to speak. We gladly offer these ready made houses. However, if one wishes to have a house in Italy made to one's own specifications one should take a closer look at our ruins. Frequently after a ruin has been demolished a new house can be built on the same spot at a surprisingly reasonable price or the old building can be renovated. At the end you have a real gem. In cooperation with our architect and the building firm we will gladly renovate your dream home in The Marches, then at the end you have Italy ready to live in. What should be considered during the renovation is discussed in an separate article.

Your inspection.

After all the preliminary considerations everything can now start. A few properties are on the short list. Free days are in sight and it is off to The Marches in the middle of Italy. The motorway runs along the coast, exit Grottammare. Complete in three lanes on the motorway up to Ancona the journey there is simple. Ancona is the airport for The Marches and Ryan Air also flies there. The train station is San Benedetto, incidentally the biggest fishing harbour on the Adriatic. One can also reach Ancona by bus, departure from all large towns in Germany.

From the arranged meeting point we begin the visit with you. One point to bear in mind: less is more. The numerous impressions must first be inwardly digested. My advice: no more than 4 houses per tour. Take enough time for each property. In this way we can calmly find your dream home. Sometimes one does not find what one really wants, so it is necessary to return with the advantage of knowing more exactly what one wants and, above all, what not.

The dream home has been found. Italhouses contacts the owner and informs him of your purchase offer. Of course we have at first negotiated the price and possible margin. As everywhere else when purchasing property in a foreign country one thing is important: you must have trust. The owner is agreed and it can come to a "compresso"/ compromise. What is this "compromesso"? What happens during the winding up of the purchase in Italy? This is coming shortly in "The purchase".

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