Before you buy

Before purchase

Summer, sun sea, as well as wonderful cooking, combined with the hospitality of the people in Le Marche. These are the wishes and dreams which are associated with the purchase of a casa, a rustico or a holiday home in Italy.

So that these wishes can come true for you and that you can find YOUR house by the sea or in the hills of Le Marche has already been partly prepared in advance by ItalHouses. Firstly,of course, the website which gives you all the information and most important offers. We hope you like these but let us know any suggestions for improvement. However, before Le Marche properties appear on the website we do what you should do later as somebody interested in buying a property in Italy: we have a look at the casa/house.

Our view of the property.

That sounds easier than it is. Unfortunately there is no catalogue for ItalHouses from which we can select individual properties which we can offer you afterwards. Every house must be visited, every ruin must be inspected. It turns out that a good half of the "country homes" are too expensive or in a different condition from that described by the owner. But we do not need to be disappointed. There are always rustici or ruins (the advantages of which I will write separately) in Le Marche and, in contrast to some other regions in Italy, for affordable prices.

The owners of our properties often do not live on the spot in Le Marche, so that we can only take outside photos of the property although we would really like to offer interesting properties to our clients immediately. However, before going to the solicitor you will be able to see your house from inside. :-)

When the view is finished and the price is in order the casa lands on the page of the website. The details given by the owner are checked for accuracy by the relevant commune. Not that 20 relatives have to share 50 square meters and the nonna does not want to sell the property after all - we have already experienced that. We go to the commune again just before going to the solicitor. This is the only way you can be sure that there is not a last minute hitch for you dream home.

A thorough inspection must be made by our architect, especially with old houses. This civil engineer is extremely important for us. Why? There is also a separate contribution on this subject. We hope that our offers will inspire numerous interested parties and that they will say: "With ItalHouses I have found the right property". A small tip: make use of contact by telephone. Describe your ideas and wishes to us. In a conversation one can often clarify things easier than by email.

In short: your interest has been aroused and you decide on a journey to Le Marche. That will be discussed in "Before purchase - Part 2".

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